Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Somebody Stop Me!!

I have been painting quite a few peg dolls in the past week. Another fellow crafter told me I wasn't going be to able to stop painting dolls once I start off... SO true!

Here is a snapshot of all the tiny people that have joined us in our home...

The ladies! :)

The men...

The men and the boy...

And... .here is Everyone!

And I have 8 more unfinished peg dolls waiting in my mail box. Oh No! what have I done :)
Lucky for me - The dolls festival - Navratri is just a couple weeks away and I am ready with gifts for all our friends :)

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  1. oh these are so adorable! I would love to celebrate the doll festival and receive one. The question is, after the festival can you give up painting dolls? :)

  2. Now this is some awesome stuff. What a cute collection of dolls. This is just too adorable. :)
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