Saturday, September 28, 2013

Red jhumki on a hoop

My first attempt at a Jhumki / Jhumka - what is the difference between the 2 words anyway?
North inidan (Jhumka) vs south indian (Jhumkit) etymologies?

Somehow I have not been comfortable with the idea of hoops. I have never been able to carry them too well! I am hoping these Jhumkis will make me a little less scared of the idea.

This is not exactly how I pictured they would turn out - I was hoping the red would be brighter. And the design itself could have been a little more detailed. For a start, this is OK.

The challenges that I faced were - you can get the shape somehow but to get the same exact shape for the pair is challenging. Also since I am shaping this entirely by hand with absolutely no moulds, I have been leaving finger prints on them which leaves a not-so-smooth surface to paint upon.

Hoping to figure these out as I go. 


  1. It is superb. I need a small help..have just started making this jewellery, and having challenges in choosing the right paint. Can you please advise which type of paint & brand is good? I am planning to buy in Michaels or JoAnn. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. I use a paint called Jacquard Lumiere - exciter pack - Halo and jewel colors. It may not be available at the craft stores you have listed. I found them on amazon. I have also had good experience with martha stewart metallic paints