Saturday, September 7, 2013


Today is avani avittam... It's a Tamil festival where men change the poonal or janivara - the religious thread worn across their chest...

As usual festival food was cooked at home, including majjige huli, tayir vada, beans palya and kesaribath. The speciality today was this sweet dish called appam.

We tried this same dish couple weeks ago for Krishna janmastami.. But it was rather chewy and burnt of sorts.. This time the dough was almost perfect consistency and it came out fluffy and just the right amount of sweet 

The ingredients are jaggery, elaichi powder, coconut, maida, rice flour (couple spoons). Mix all of them to come to a good dosa batter consistency.. Then drop it in hot oil to deep fry.. It should fluff  up within a minute. Turn around and cook both sides until golden brown. Sweet Appam is ready to eat. 

D loved it too.. S went to the temple and did the ritual with some 50 others... Lunch was a three course happy meal :)

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