Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dhruva's Fifth Bday food..

Dhruva is turning 5 tomorrow.. This time we had his bday on the previous saturday and we had a space themed bday party!

I am so satisfied this time... I got to do a large chunk of everything that I had planned. I think it was very nicely planned - S pitched in... dear sis M was around too to help out,.. Best of all Dhruva is at this nice age where he understands and enjoys everything that is going on and is young enough to co-operate to a large extent without many arguments/ questions.

The one thing that I really like this time was the way we handled food. The party started at 5pm (even though the first guest arrived at 545 probably) and by 9pm everyone was out.


Welcome all
Games pin antenna and planets hunt
Cake cut
Party favors

As soon as they arrived, adults got tea and samosa while kids got juice and some junk. junk being chips, marshmallows (alien face painted), fruit rockets.
And dinner for all was served soon after the cake was cut. Everyone got their own disposable box for dinner.

Adults: Chapathi - 2, aloo matar, Biryani, raita, curd rice and dry jamun. All in one plastic container
Kids: Half a cheese sandwich , half box of noodles and fries nicely packed in one cardboard box.
People ate and disposed their boxes in large carton boxes - ones we got from basement shop.

At the end of the day there was barely any extra vessels lying in the kitchen sink for cleaning. All we had to do at night after the guests left was to clear up the carton boxes and to clean up the floor where the kids ate.
So easy and breezy.

But we did waste some food. There were some 7 adult food boxes and 7 kids boxes of food left over.
we did use 2 of the kids boxes next morning for breakfast - but still there was wastage.
This time we tackled post party clean up well. Next party we have to tackle food wastage.
We could look at this food surplus in an altruistic angle and say well some uninvited security guards got to eat different food for one night. Still it seems like a bad thing to have excess food.

Anyhow will be posting one more on the decorations and activities... be right back!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cruise Happy...

Lately I have been noticing a pattern everywhere in my life. At various levels of time (like annual, weekly, daily). You might need to muster a little extra patience to understand what I'm trying to say..

There are generally 2 modes that I function in. The cruise mode and the peripheral mode.
For example, In a given week - I am in the cruise mode between Monday and friday and I am in the peripheral mode on the weekends.
In a given day, I am in the cruise mode between 9 and 5 and I am in the peripheral mode between 6am and 8 am and 5pm and 10 pm
In a given year, as parents, we tend to be in cruise mode when the school is in session and in peripheral mode when there are school breaks..
(Maybe Im pushing it here), Applying this to the lifespan of a person, we tend to be in cruise mode when we are working class, say 25 years to 60 years of age. Before we get a job  and after retirement we are in a peripheral mode.
Now at each of these stages (before work, while employed and after retirement) we could further split and assign cruise and peripheral modes.

There is a parallel here to the 80-20 rule (80% of the work gets done in 20% of the time). In any time frame it looks like we tend to be in a cruise mode more than peripheral mode. Widely speaking.
Our weekday cruise mode is longer than the weekend. School year - the cruise mode - lasts longer than the school breaks (So v glad for that design).

So getting to the point, here is a theory on capturing the ever elusive happiness factor. Make sure you are happy in the cruise mode, so that you will be mostly Happy in life. Do something you love in the cruise mode - don't compromise here. Push all other things, things that you have to do but don't necessarily enjoy, into the peripheral mode. So those boring chore like work - Do them in the weekends. Do them at night. Do them at your annual vacation. Save the cruise mode for things you love and things that make you happy. Arrange your life to be happy in the cruise mode. This way you can make sure you are happy most of the time!!

Just a thought! Just an observation..!