Monday, September 21, 2015

Kundan rangoli

Its festival season!! Finally!

I feel like festivals bring in so much positive energy. They are a busy time, no doubt. Busy socializing, busy decorating, busy shopping, busy cooking and hence busy making memories year after year.

Living in an apartment community is not new to us. But a community that actively celebrates all festivals is a first. So, even if nothing special is happening at home on these festivals, simply going out and taking part in the community celebrations brings out the festival spirit.

I had to take a (long) break from my crafting but the festivals have rekindled the enthusiasm to decorate. I made these Kundan (rhine stones) rangoli for Ganesh Chaturthi. One for home sweet home and one more for Amma's

Simple procedure -
1. Draw your design on paper.
2. Place that paper under an OHP sheet.
3. Stick stones on the sheet with glue as per the design you can see through the sheet.
4. Give it ample time to dry and then cut out the design

Supplies Needed:

1. Kundan Stones / Rhine stones
2. Fabric Glue - this dried clear and had held the stones well on the OHP sheet.
3. OHP sheet.
4. Scissors.
5. Design of your choice on paper.

This is how the first one turned out.
The best part it is rearrangeable, so you get many deigns out of one rangoli.

Changing the background is an option too.

Here is a look at the second one.

And this is how that turned out.

This is our beloved Ganapathi this year. We went eco friendly and opted for very minimal paint on the idol. S thinks we should take it a step further and get ganapthi who will stay with us for good, instead of having to get and dispose one each year. Not a bad idea!

This is the pink rangoli in front of Amma's Ganapthi.

Glad festival season is here and gladder that my craft supplies are out!

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