Thursday, January 9, 2014

Small jhumkis - 2

After we made and wore the first set of small jhumki's we were very excited to say the least!
Lil Sister and me sat down the very next evening late into the night thinking up and trying new designs and patterns and color combinations.
Eventually the long long day we had started showing and our creativity decided to go to bed!
But we ourselves just refused to go to bed! Considering we had very very little time left before she would return back to India, we decided to make whatever that could end up pretty looking :)

We made a lot more small jhumkis. This time we got out of the comfort zone of blue/green/gold and used various colors.

I liked the cranberry color so much. Especially that its not metallic. I was skeptical to start with, but after a couple coats it was beautiful :)

So we used a lot more cranberry and of course there had to be gold!

One more experiment we did this time around, is to attach earring posts instead of french wire danglings.

More jhumkis with pretty much the same molds.

This stud below is M's experiment. They turned out cute! We were thinking of painting cranberry where ever it is black now. But that's still not decided - what would you say?

Here is the entire collection we made that evening.

Our favorite display case :)

Here's my verdict:
One of the best things in life is a night out with your sister making colorful jewelry :)

Love you M!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tiny gift boxes

Sankranti is an indian festival celebarted on Jan 14 every year.
This marks the day the sun's transition into Capricorn. Specifically in kannada tradition, this is the day fresh vegetables are harvested for the season. On this day - people exchange sweets, fresh harvest samples and other goodies.

Since this is the first sankranti since D was born (sort of), Ma wanted this to be more special.
So apart from the regular goodies, five families of relatives/ friends will get a small idol of lord Krishna.

To pack that miniature idol we decided to make special boxes. Using rhine stones and ribbons, we tried to upgrade small plastic boxes.

Here is how we worked and finished the boxes.

Lil sis working on the rhine stones...

Our work bench.

All 5 boxes and their designs.

This is the idol we packed inside with tissue.

Irrespective of how the boxes turned out, all 3 of us had a great time sitting together and making these boxes.
I think this is one among the top best times that we have all spent together. Glad to have been able to do this!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pendant for dear sister

All 50 states of the USA will record a temperature of below zero at some point today - Tuesday the 7th of Jan, 2014.
That's a first - at least during my stay here! Even sunny Florida and hot Texas!

Its still not too bad here is warm california.. I am thinking / hoping that sub zero temperature will be recorded here late in the evening when we are all done with the outdoors and cozily tucked in at home :)

Annyyhoo... coming back to colorful jewelry...
This is one more piece dear sis and me created over the 2 weeks that my family was here.
This is something that's wearable with western outfits as much as with casual Indian outfits.

She wore it to the farmers market last Saturday - with a black pant and black T and yes we thought it looked great! :) What do you think?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Small jhumkis -1

In our jewelry making spree - our next stop was Jhumkis.
We used the molds for the jhumkis and simple dots to give the jhumkis a causal look.

Like I said earlier, by this time we were totally head over heals in love with Blue Gold and Green colors.
We just could not think of any other colors to paint with :)

A new role for the lovely lantern (See how it was given a makeover here). Its now our beloved jewelry display case :) You will definitely see more of it.

Blue pendant

We had a holiday shutdown for 2 weeks at work, D's was off day care for these 2 weeks and the best part, Ma and dear sis M were here! Oh! such a lovely time we had!

Among other things, I got a chance to bring up my terracotta jewelry making supplies out and I got to make jewelry with my favorite craft buddies this time!

This is blue pendant is for my lil sis M. It is not yet finished into a necklace, but here is how the pendant looks.

We fell in love with the blue - green and gold combination, so much so that, it was hard for us to think of any other colors to paint our future jewelry!