Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY bin

I KRP, hereby proclaim my love and obsession with Moroccan patterns and designs.

I picked up this lovely wrapping paper in home depot a few days ago and finally my project, to up cycle a diaper box to a toys bin, saw the light of day :)

Pinned the instructions to make this, roughly a year ago and now I finally came around to making it.

Here are the instructions if you are interested.

This blogger has used spray glue and fabric. I replace them with mod podge and thick wrapping paper.

The insides are not greatly attractive. So far they are covered up by the contents and do not look bad.
But the truth is that I haven't gotten around to modpodging the insides with a simple white paper to complete the project. :)

When I do finish this I will make sure, at least, I update this blog on time :)
Oh the wonderful timings of the toddler time zone!

Happy bday Jates.

April is so full of birthdays for us!!

This time my oldest closest friend was with us to celebrate her birthday!

I have know Jates for more than half of my life! She is just one of those people who I never lose touch with. We would not have spoken for months at a stretch - owing to time zone differences and other life's events. But still when we catch up, it is like nothing has changed! She is just the same her and I am just the same me.
You know how you are always in touch with some people! :)
Wow I can be pretty bad at expressing certain emotions eh? ;)

We managed to put together a small party for her. Being a weekday, things barely came together, but you know there is definitely some charm to ad hoc unplanned celebrations.

Since she was with us for a week - I decided that we would hand make her gift and have her customize it the way she wants. And what's better than custom terracotta jewelry!!

Here we are sitting up late into the night, baking, molding, painting and clicking pictures. :)

All supplies spread out.

We ended up creating this pendant for her. It is a double colored pendant with blue on the flip side.

We also made couple studs for her. All in the aroma of a Moroccan spice candle! Girls night out :)

Happy bday JT! Love you!

Happy bday S

17 Apr 2014.
Today is Dearest S's bday!

As usual he wants it to be kept so simple! What do you want? ummmm Nothing... Where do you want to go.... ummm its a weekday... What do you want to do... Regular things....

Somehow, its so hard to get him excited about birthdays! "It is just another day - Yes I was born this day.. But yea everyone was born someday" is what he says!
Just one of those things which I will never understand!

So as usual - after taking his inputs I just go about making the day the way I want it! :)
This year I decided to make him a tiramisu! It is one of his favorite desserts - its almost at the very top - with may be a couple other contenders like tarittipal and creme brulee...

I am so surprised as to how simple it is to make this sinfully awesome dessert! I did not even turn on my Oven! Wow!
But yes I ended up investing in a handmixer - but I am sure I will be trying out a whole variety of dishes just because I now own a hand mixer. Many more recipes are now so doable!

 Here is the picture of all the tiramisu bowls just assembled...

If I may say so myself, they looked good :)

All wrapped and placed in the refrigerator to set for the big day!

I ended up assembling them a day ahead - so they can set and soak well for the next day..

D gets his own milk version of the tiramisu - we call it the milk misu :)
It is just lady fingers dipped in Milk and topped with vanilla flavored whipped cream

Happy birthday dear S! It so lovely leading a life with you :)

There is small D waiting for his appa to blow the candles.
He wanted to gobble his milk misu all in one go! 

Oh and a surprise was what google did to S's home page.
When he signed in and went to google's home page, they had a custom page for him with cakes and candles. And when the mouse hovers on the google image - there was a badge wishing S happy bday!
Nice surprise, but pretty nosey of google  :P