Nov 15, 2013
Product: Polycrylic

This not only adds a protective top layer, but it also allows you to use finished products such as coasters for hot beverages within days rather than weeks.
 Use the correct type of clear coat finish.
This is something I wish I had known when I first started painting furniture, as I ended up having to redo several pieces due to using the wrong clear coat. For most furniture paint projects these days, I usePolycrylic (affiliate link) as my top coat. It gives me the durable finish I want, but doesn't yellow over time like Polyurethane will. I definitely painted a few pieces back in the day and watched my pretty white paint turn yellow because I used Polyurethane instead of Polycrylic. Also, I like Polycrylic because it cleans up with water. You'll have to use mineral spirits for Polyurethane.

Nov 7, 2013
Product: Min wax clear gloss polyurethane sealer

When you paint on wood use this to seal the paint after completing all necessary coats of paint.
You could also use clear lacquer spray paint to seal the paint.

Oct 15, 2013
Product: EZ-Steam II

This is a fusible tape that can be used in place of a sewing machine for simple projects. In the link above you can see how it has been used for a table runner. It is different from a fusible webbing in that this is a tape and can help hold the fabric together while adjusting before going over with the iron.

Oct 15, 2013
Product: Martha's spray-able enamel gloss finish

Martha's spray-able enamel gloss finish is a good product to finish off various brush painted projects as per blogger Maren of the craftycollaborative. She says this does a very good job of covering all the brush strokes and giving the product a high gloss smooth finish.

Oct 14, 2013
Tip: Use this website to find the right glue for your project.
Source: Stumbled upon, while browsing (Do you know if there is an acronym for this already? Like, SUWB)

Because sometimes Super glue is just not the answer :)
This is a very good site - most crafters can find some use at some point, I feel.
Its basically all things Glue. If you enter 2 materials that you want to attach together, this will give you a bunch of options in terms of products available in the market.

Oct 10, 2013,
Tip/Fact: Varnish to finish painted wood projects - Americana Satin Varnish at craft stores.
Source: Tessie Fay

Always use varnish to finish up projects where you have painted on wood. The end result after using this particular americana varnish is good - check it out here. Btw, this project is lined up in my DIY list now - Hand painted peg people. I just placed the order on Etsy for 4 peg people. Waiting to paint them. While I am waiting for them to arrive, I should line up my other supplies. Peg people are eager to meet you - see you soon :)

Oct 9, 2013
Find/Idea : Montana Gold Spray paint.
Source : Lovely indeed blog.

Read this recently on this blog. Montana Gold is a really good quality spray paint.
Chelsea at Lovely indeed has spray painted berry baskets and that's a good idea in itself. Next time I am at target, I surely will pick up these baskets for this project! :) Thanks Lovely Indeed! :)

Oct 6, 2013
Idea: Card stock on canvas for easy painting.
Source: S's friend S's home :)

So in the past when I painted directly on these wrapped canvas boards /blocks found at Michaels, I have found that making straight lines or involved designs (for instance face of an animal - think eyelashes) is not very easy. Or they do not turn out as crsip as I would like. So the idea here is cut a card stock a little smaller than the painting area and stick it on top of the canvas and then start painting the background color. Idea is to make the card stock invisible once pasted. Now paint away your design on top of the card stock surface. Since its much smoother than canvas, its much easier to paint thin lines.
S's friend's wife used this idea on the small 4" cube canvas to paint Stick/ warli figures. She had hung six cubes on the wall with one warli figure each.
This is how a warli figure / art looks.

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