Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little d turns 1

Little d tuned 1 in Nov 2016.

So we decided to go all elephant themed in traditional Indian colors - considering there was a larger scale traditional ceremony on the day of the celebrations.

Ms. B helped out with the staging of the decorations this time. She surely is talented! Loved her attention to detail and design aesthetic!

This is how the dessert table looked.

Full credit for setting this up to Ms B. She pulled everything together in this nice coherent look.
Can you catch the traditional elephant theme going on in the set up?

Another look of the table and the back drop and us all together! :)

The cake was super duper cute - Nikita does it again :) I love the colors and it was very tasty too - almost everyone came back for a second helping :)

One other feature that we had for this bday was a wishing tree. Bare branches with hanging glitter leaves where messages for the birthday boy could be written. 
I love how beautiful this table turned out. The white vase never fails. Even in this traditional colored set up - it just fits in! The elephant theme continues to this table with that lone sandal wood elephant.

Another dear friend Ms. P helped out with the back drop for the wishing tree table. Blue and green crepe paper curtain.

The curtain and the wishing tree seen together in their final location. Oh Ma made that lovely little brocade fabric shawl for the sandal wood elephant :) 
It took help from quite a few hands this time to put together these decorations.

One more wall decorated with the elephant to spread the theme.

While the cake cutting and lunch took place at the hall downstairs - we had a pooja at home. This one is a picture of the home - S and me engrossed in the serious pooja. While friends R and V providing us a comic relief now and then :)

I am totally in love with buntings. They can totally dress up a space. They make their presence felt, transforming any space. Nice gingham buntings this time - found a free printable online and printed at Printo.

A tea light holder pair for all my friends :)
Completely hand made :)

Hand made favour tags in lovely hand made paper and gold sharpie - sits so well with the traditional indian theme.

More hand made paper and more hand made bags to hold the tea light holders.

These tea light holders are basically square and round shaped cork coasters dressed up.
I painted the coasters and affixed rhine stones and the candle holder cups. Designing them was a blast. The colors of base paint, colors of the rhine stones. So many many possibilities :) It was a riot!

Children's favors:

All children got a hot chocolate jar. These jars were hand painted with glass colors with lovely tags with the recipe / instructions :)
The jar had hot cocoa powder, chocolate chips and sprinkles.

I seem to be following a pattern where I do not remove all decorations as soon as the party is over. Some get taken off the day after while a few stay for a week and some stay even for 2 weeks. The moved furniture go back to their right place, almost the same night. But some decorations like this hand drawn elephant stayed for a fortnight :) Don't you just love the colors?

little d had a second traditional party in Chennai in december. The favours were the same for all adults and children. Some decorations were carried all the way there.
At chennai this rangoli is my favourite decoration element.
I love how symmetric it came out :)

I am sure little d had no clue what was happening on the day, but he was as co-operative as a lamb :) Adorable little munchkin turning one. Oh I don't know if you were able to catch it, all 4 of us wore  color co-ordinated outfits :)

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