Friday, September 5, 2014

Wooden peg dolls

It is Doll season. What I mean is Navaratri is around the corner.
So I tried to paint some wooden pegs as Radha and Krishna.

The design and colors are inspirations from across the internet. Thanks Ambika for tips on Painting wooden dolls. Ambika has a lovely store on etsy. Do check it out.

Unfortunately this time I do not have any step by step pictures - just the finished ones.

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  1. They are so details, really lovely work.
    My son used to collect little peg doll super heros when he was little, a lady locally made them and used to sell them at craft fairs, I wonder if he still has them?
    Have a wonderful Navaratri !

  2. Thank you Julia :)
    My son loves these peg dolls too - It was hard to keep him away from these dolls when the paint was still drying :)
    Superheros is a nice idea! May be I should try painting them.

  3. these are so cute and unique! you never see any with this look, which is why there needs to be some, right?