Friday, August 29, 2014

Ganesha Habba 2014

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi everyone!

Today's menu was traditional south Indian festival food with highlights being Aapam (sweet - we made it last year too), Karida Kadubu (or karigadubu) and Tayir Vada. 
S and me come from different states in south India. So our festival food and traditions vary slightly. As far as possible, we try to incorporate both traditions - so D gets to see all of it.

On the decoration front, it was a modest set up :) With a rangoli at the front door and few colorful tit-bits at the God's pedestal.
Here are a few pictures:

Made this Rangoli the night before. I tried to follow a style of rangoli called Sanskar Bharti rangoli - generally found in Maharastra and done using all 5 fingers. But this is just my version of it and there are tonnes of authentic beautiful sanskar bharti designs out there.

The set up before being adorned by the lord.

Some more pictures by daylight.

There is D! I cant believe this orange Kurta will soon become small for him. They grow up so fast!

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