Friday, August 15, 2014

Favors for kids

The part that all kids wait for in a birthday party - other than cake and candy of course! Favor bags.!

I will not lie, when at other birthday parties I am myself eager to see what's in D's favor bag. The anticipation and the cute contents make the wait worth it :)

So here is the reveal of what is in the favor bags at D's party :)
Everything is packaged in this small yellow and white canvas bag. 


A thank you card with D's charming smiles :)
A Bubble bottle - what party is complete without these? (Before D I had no idea bubbles had such a special place for toddlers)
A wind up toy train
A board book - Tomas and friends :)
A woodsie color it yourself figure. (These were a steal at Michael's)

Then comes the funnest part (for me). DIY favor tags.

I had many ideas how to decorate the bag - stencil a train and "Thanks" on top of the bag. But the stencil that I bought was hard to work with - considering this is my first effort stenciling on fabric - so I dropped that idea.

One more idea was to cut out train shapes and use them as tags - Again I used the same stencil to get the train shape and the cuts were not crisp. OTOH, during my research, I learned about Die cutters. I have my eye on them now.. But too expensive for an impulse buy. More research and use cases needed :P

Finally I settled for these tags:

I used Paint chips for the base - they came with hold punched already. I found these cute train printables online and the thank you tags too. Just cut them out and stuck them to the paint chip. Finally gave the paint chip a *tag shape* and tied it to the bags with pastel ribbons :)

And here are the finished favor bags :)

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