Thursday, August 14, 2014

Favor purses

D's rescheduled birthday is so close now... last 2 days...
Prep work is in full swing... Things are coming together and then some things don't. But in all - exciting times :)

Last night I sat up and whipped up these very cute buttons/ embellishments for the favor boxes.

These are for the girls that come to the party. Cute purse shaped favor boxes.. They are to hold couple macaroons which taste so yummy - I sampled them just yesterday :)

The purse boxes were store bought, so I wanted to decorate them my way. I cut out square shapes out of foam and stuck a daisy button on them :)

Like so... Simple yet cute.. *grin*

Then I attached then decorations on the purse cut outs.

Then I assembled the purse.

About the time I finished around 8 or 9 I saw some favor purses that I had already decorated the last time around.

With these thank you favor tags.. It was may be a year ago - I did not even remember I had done this!
But I had already assembled the foam button ensemble for all the remaining boxes and I thought they we so much cute than these thanks you stickers. I felt sad they could not be used :(

When I was so confused, S to the rescue! S gave me a simple brainy idea! He said "There are 2 sides to the box why don't you stick the foam button on the other side and let the thank you sticker still remain?" 
How come I did not think of that!! I was thrilled that I would still get to stick the foam decorations :)

Cute wont you say?

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