Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gearing up for Ganesha 2014

Ganesha Chaturthi is coming up and soooon.
Here is how we are preparing for the festival. Few quick and small projects to add to the festival spirit!

Made some rangoli with Kundan / rhine stones. These are generally kept transparent, somehow. But I feel it works better with a traditional colored back ground.
Tried out a few colors for the back ground.

And - I obviously settled on yellow! It just makes the design pop! :)

I scored a small clay pot at one of the Indian stores. When browsing, I found it in a very remote corner of the store. So remote a corner, that the owner did not even remember having it. So, he let me have it for free! Small joy to bump up the festival spirit  :)

Was not the smoothest of finishes, but I wasted no time - Painted the pot with lovely yellow and blue and decorated it with rhine stones.

The almost finished product. Could serve as a small vase :)

At Joanns, found this small wooden pedestal. Wanted to paint it and make it a little more ethnic looking for all upcoming festivals.

Started with an antique gold paint... And embellished with Kundan and pearls.

Some more pictures - This time hubby dearest - S - decided to take pictures in his camera! Lucky us - we get to look at some real nice pictures!

What do you think - Festive enough to welcome Ganesha? :)

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