Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday D!

Phew! we did it! Finally!
D had a birthday party in California - with all his and our dear friends!

I have been preparing for this day for almost 2 years. When the first birthday party plans were scratched - I ended up adding more decorations and ideas to the birthday basket and carried it forward to the second birthday!

All of our dear dear friends helped out. This must be the millionth time I am saying that, S is not very mobile due to his foot - So I shouted for help and cousins and friends responded. B-I-L and Co-sis were also here at that time. So more hands to put things together.

Here are some main highlights from the party.

A backdrop for the cake table made with honeycomb tissue balls. "D is 2!" banner and a string of Christmas lights. Thanks cousin A and P for executing it to perfection! :D

I love paper lanterns - for years now I have been trying to fit them in my home decor, and each time I have backed out for some reason. Finally I found them a place in this party and they did NOT disappoint! Love paper lanterns - they just liven up the place - especially in yellow ;) We also had some photo props.

Here is the cake table. We sampled the cake at one place and it was heavenly! But they said since it was so moist and soft it could not hold any fondant decorations on top - so we ended up having 2 cakes. One cake just for the train decorations and another one to - well - eat! :D

This is the choo-choo train decorated cake. Pretty closely duplicated from a picture I gave them. Which I found on - of course - Pinterest! BTW, the cake stand is a DIY. *grinn*

Here is the second delicious cake.. And all decorations on top made by yours truly :)

I am not sure if you already caught the DIY tray post - We filled the tray with cups of cheerios and goldfish and some toppers for glamour. Thanks A for arranging them.

When I browsed through various party sites for ideas - one idea that really registered, was the menu card for the day. Such a simple DIY and so easy to add color to the party.

A look at all the food that was served - All of these are south Indian dishes. Food labels were a DIY, not that our crowd needed labels for food - but me needed excuse to DIY ;)


By now you must have guessed that theme we were going for is yellow and white.. One more easy way to add more of those colors was the drink stand. We served Badam milk and in yellow cups :) Thanks V for arranging them and much more!

Straws, spoons and forks continue to add color. The silverware and straw holders are both DIYs.

Finally, favors! These bags were for kids. Contents and tag tutorials can be seen here.

These purses and small boxes are favors for adults. They held 2 french macaroons each - chocolate, salted caramel and pistachio flavors - my personal fav was salted caramel.

D was happy! Many of his friends all in one place that night. And there was cake and Vada! There is not more that a 2 year old asks for. Love you D - you are so so special!

Huge thanks also go to cousin K, K, BIL V and P for all your help :) (If you are reading this you know who you are ;) ).

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  1. Lovely party decorations!! Love the pretty details you have added !! The badam milk idea is superb!! The favors for adults with macrons is such a cool idea. I love it!! My son also turned 2 recently. It is exciting to meet bloggers who kids of same age like mine. sailing in the same boat..:)

    1. Thanks Purnima! You have a nice blog yourself :)

  2. Love all the fun decorations and party ideas. Thank you for sharing at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party. Have a great week!