Monday, June 9, 2014

Another tray DIY

Scored a lovely 14 inch tray from home goods - not that this tray is not pretty already - but I had to paint over it  just to DIY and up cycle it my way :) 

After spray painting it white I got stuck at picking fabric for the tray...
Had a bunch of geometric fabric - originally for a different project - but I'm very very tempted to use one of them for the tray

Below is the short list - deciding deciding... on which to commit to. 

By far this is my biggest DIY nemesis - to choose and commit to one design. Generally I end up having so many choices and each one looks so good - picking just one of them is such a stressful thing :) and to think DIY is my stress buster!! Irony!! Lol!

In fact that choice making or the lack of it is the main driving force for this second DIY tray - I love the first one but I could not just stop there ;) 

So which fabric did I end up picking?
The lovely light blue 
Here is how it looks...

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