Saturday, June 14, 2014


Latest DIY is home made puzzles for D!

We have a long long flight coming up. India trip :) These puzzles are to go into the busy bag that I am trying to put together for our Mr. small boy :)

Supplies needed:
Pictures - preferably regular photo prints instead of on paper.
popsicle sticks
craft (exacto) knife

All supplies available at craft stores and walgreens prints pictures for cheap and fast!

First I cut up the pictures using the craft knife into strips of thickness matching that of the popsicle sticks.

Then just brush on a thin even layer of mod-podge on the Popsicle sticks and just glue on the cup strips. A 4x7 picture roughly cuts into 5 or 6 strips (depending on the contents of the picture).

Here you can see strong daddy cracking the puzzle in record time. Oh! I say strong because without him I would not have been able to open the cap of mod podge bottle which was stuck pretty tight. ;) And without which this project could not have been completed! ;P

Very very simple project. Definitely not an original idea - It was pinspired. (Is that word allowed?) :)
Many blogs with instructions on pinterest.

I ended up making about 6 puzzles.

I hope D likes them...

If not right now, he should have fun with these in a few months' time. But I know the sheer novelty will keep him occupied for a while on the flight.

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