Friday, June 13, 2014

Choo choo train - cake topper

The next big day for us is D's birthday. Oh! how eager we all are for this day. This year he turns 2 and we are planning to have over all of D's friends and our friends for a small dinner party.

And there is no bigger motivation than this for me to DIY!! :D
First up Choo choo train cake topper.

D loves trains lately - he loves loves loves them.
So a train had to be included in the party somehow. So here is a cake topper.
Such a simple small project - did it all in one evening while multi tasking - that simple!

I have somehow landed with a sizeable collection of paint chips and in all good colors.
I cut up the shapes on paint chips and assembled them on a white felt sheet

I glued all the pieces of the train and 3 bogies to the white felt sheet piece.

Closer look at the engine. Since the shapes are all mostly straight lines. I did not even need a stencil or anything, I just roughly measured and cut up the shapes.

Baby D taking a closer look at the train.

It was so hard for him to keep his hands off the train. He helped in the project too :)

Buttons - they have to be symbol / representative of cuteness. Instantly buttons can add cuteness factor to most things. I had to add buttons!

Since these need to be pierced to the cake - I added lollipop sticks to the back of each piece - used washi tape to attach the stick.

So, I am planning for the party to be in yellow and white. So I added another yellow foam layer at the back of each piece.

Here is the train assembled.

Choo choooooo... :)

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