Friday, August 23, 2013

Cantaloupe Popsicle

Made this good looking Popsicle yesterday!

All it has is some cantaloupe and sugar. Not a whole bunch of sugar, just enough to make up for the sweetness that is lost once the fruit freezes, I wonder why that happens!?

Cut up a cantaloupe into cubes and juice them in a mixer with the sugar and pour them into the popsicle molds. Let them freeze up and lick up this good fruit.
Great for the hot summer days that we have been experiencing lately.

One fun fact, D hates anything cold touching his mouth. He does not like it touching his lips tongue or teeth.
He makes his funny face each time I give him a taste of the popsicle. :D
You can see him in the background in this picture :)

Letter for Deee

I started working on D wooden letter.
Moroccan lattice is a hard pattern to draw by hand - if it was just once I might have gotten it correct but I was thinking of making a repeating pattern on the letter D something like this.

I tried making my own stencil of the pattern and tracing it out on the wooden letter - wasn't as simple as I thought.
So I explored other possibilities to beautify my D. Mod-podge and scrap book paper is a pretty popular and easy craft. But the scrap book paper I found at Micheal's was not very impressive. So I decided to make my own gingham pattern with acrylic paint - green and a light shade of teal / turquoise. This is how it looks now. One more round of paint touch ups should make it better.

Ofcourse to add some cuteness factor to it - there should be some buttons - buttons are the cutest little things.. :)

Finally I hung it up on the wall next to his lovely picture (2ft by 3ft another pinterest DIY).. Happy with this outcome so far - let's see if and when I feel like updating it...

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cute little things.

Today I was at Micheal's and I saw this cute little container.
It was so beautiful, I had to hold it in my hand. Then I noticed it was on an 80% off rack - $2.99 and 80% off - 3 times 8 is 24 - minus 30 is 6... 60 cents... hmmm... Let me confirm my math with a store associate, I thought. I took it to one and she scanned it and hurried off to talk to another associate. Then she turned to me and said - its your lucky day today! you get this for 1 cent!! 1 cent!! yes! Did the container just get cuter? Yes it did! :)

I checked with her further and learned that sometimes seasonal items are supposed to be taken to the back of the store and should not be displayed until next season - they are discontinued. If a customer happens to pick up such a discontinued item like I did - they end up getting it for a deal!! 

This is what the container looks like - now the challenge is - what do I use it for? :P

P is for...

Pinterest! Such an inspiring website! I have gotten so many DIYs completed after I joined pinterest. 
So many ideas in one place and more importantly its a great resource for where I can find the materials to do what I am doing. And also a resource for instructions on how to do what I am hoping to do.
Aaah! too many doing done do - anyways bottom line - pinterest helps me do beautiful things :)

So I have been fascinated by wooden letters for sometime now. Especially the ones you can transform into wall art. Ever since D was born I have been wanting to this. I had even decided on a place to hang the letter D. Right next to the beautiful 2 feet by 3 feet black and white laminated picture of our darling (another pinterest inspiration!)

While the letter D is still work in progress - I have partially completed P - the initial of my cute little niece. 
I mixed up orange and pink with white and got a lovely shade of peach. Painted the whole letter and stuck flowers that I punched out on paint chips and free polka dot printables that I found online. This is what it looks like now :)

I did manage to complete the P- it now has buttons to finish the look :)

And a close up of the flowers.

Now its just waiting to go to its new home - by my niece's white crib.