Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter for Deee

I started working on D wooden letter.
Moroccan lattice is a hard pattern to draw by hand - if it was just once I might have gotten it correct but I was thinking of making a repeating pattern on the letter D something like this.

I tried making my own stencil of the pattern and tracing it out on the wooden letter - wasn't as simple as I thought.
So I explored other possibilities to beautify my D. Mod-podge and scrap book paper is a pretty popular and easy craft. But the scrap book paper I found at Micheal's was not very impressive. So I decided to make my own gingham pattern with acrylic paint - green and a light shade of teal / turquoise. This is how it looks now. One more round of paint touch ups should make it better.

Ofcourse to add some cuteness factor to it - there should be some buttons - buttons are the cutest little things.. :)

Finally I hung it up on the wall next to his lovely picture (2ft by 3ft another pinterest DIY).. Happy with this outcome so far - let's see if and when I feel like updating it...

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