Monday, August 19, 2013

Cute little things.

Today I was at Micheal's and I saw this cute little container.
It was so beautiful, I had to hold it in my hand. Then I noticed it was on an 80% off rack - $2.99 and 80% off - 3 times 8 is 24 - minus 30 is 6... 60 cents... hmmm... Let me confirm my math with a store associate, I thought. I took it to one and she scanned it and hurried off to talk to another associate. Then she turned to me and said - its your lucky day today! you get this for 1 cent!! 1 cent!! yes! Did the container just get cuter? Yes it did! :)

I checked with her further and learned that sometimes seasonal items are supposed to be taken to the back of the store and should not be displayed until next season - they are discontinued. If a customer happens to pick up such a discontinued item like I did - they end up getting it for a deal!! 

This is what the container looks like - now the challenge is - what do I use it for? :P

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