Monday, October 7, 2013

Blue jhumki

Found a mould to make the jhumki shape. This was listed as a mould to make miniature bowls. Worked out just fine for Jhumkis. Now I can get the same jhumki shape not just twice consistently but many many times.

Attaching the small beads at the bottom is patience intensive work!

Again the colors and the paint is something that I am not totally happy with - I have to figure out how to make the paint even and not blotchy. The top bead is of a color called halo blue gold - tried it for the first time and I feel there is a lot of hope for this color. You might see it more often.

Here is a link to a detailed step by step instructions on handmade clay jewelry that I wrote up.

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  1. These are so neat, I love the colors you chose, too. I've never been great with clay but this makes me want to get in there and give it another go :) I'd love if you'd consider linking up to my new party, Link It or Lump It -!

  2. Thanks Allison. Yes you should definitely give clay another shot. :)
    I just joined your lovely link party. Your blog dream a little bigger is so full of ideas. I will be going there often to browse for crafts :)

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