Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY dry erase board

Of late we have been falling short of space on our dry erase board stationed on the refrigerator.

Grocery list, general to buy list... Now we even have a list of food for D. He tends to get bored with repeated food soon, so I have to have a sizable loop of food items that I circulate among, to make meal times easy on us.

Coming back to dry erase boards, to get more dry erasable space, I decided to re-purpose this simple photo frame from ikea. As usual, pinterest was full of ideas on DIY boards. Glass is a great dry erase surface.
I had this frame and scrapbook paper on hand. Cut the paper to fit the frame. Framed it and hung it. All ready to write upon! That simple really! You can see the hand painted pot in the picture too :)

Closer look at the board.

Update: over the weekend along with some Diwali crafts, I also managed to spray paint the frame to my current favorite color- white! I think the white looks better - much quieter and blends well with the background.

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