Friday, November 1, 2013

Dressed up tea lights.

Inching towards diwali - the last leg!
The mood is set :) Potluck at work today, potluck with friends tomorrow... Lovely times.
Most blogs I visit are all so bright and beaming with ideas for diwali decorations - Oh! such a pleasure to see all beautiful creations :)

I have had dressing up the tea lights in mind for a while now. Again, thanks Pinterest!
All you need for this is - washi tape, gift wrapping ribbon, regular glue, glitter glue, rhinestones. Wrap the tea lights on wahi tape or ribbon, stick your rhinestones and design away with glitter glue :) Done! 30 minutes and you can easily dress up a dozen tea lights.
One of those quick, simple, satisfying crafts.

Washi tape - Great potential for this product. I discovered it only recently and I love it so far. I can think of so many many projects with washi tape! Oh! just thinking about them makes me so excited..

Back to the tea lights, this is how they look when finished.

The line up... Haven't decided a place for their display yet... But they are stationed in the living room for now, next to the DIY pot.

This entertainment center is the tallest place in the living room now. That makes it the safest place for things, away from His Naughtiness Mr. D. It has been overworking for the past few months! :)

A close up...

I like the gingham washi tape...

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