Saturday, October 12, 2013

White terracotta pot

Picked up these lovely stems few days ago. They come in such wonderful colors.

I liked Royal blue the best - picked up that and silver stems to go along with the blue.

Also picked up a terracotta pot and painted it white. My color scheme for the pot was white and blues.
Then it was time pick a motif to paint over the pot. After trying a few I settled for this one below.

The pattern in blues.

The space in between was filled up by blue flower shaped kundan.

I realized, to paint this motif again many times to fill up the pot would be hard for my not-so-steady hands. So I decided to migrate away from this design a relatively simpler one, while sticking to the same outline/shape.

And I figured the painters tape will help my not-so steady hands and it definitely did help. The outline did come out a little better.

Time to add the stems. I stuffed paper in the pot to hold the stems in place.

Topped the stuffing with Aluminum foil, keeping with the glitter of the project.

Sweet lil D liked the pot! Here he is testing the texture of the stems :)

Diwali is coming up. Festival of lights this year, is in the first weekend of November. This pot could be the center piece of our Diwali dinner table. Oh! eager we all are for Diwali!

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  1. Love... love.. how you've redone the little pot. awesome!! :)

  2. This is really creative. Thanks for sharing at Link It or Lump It!