Friday, October 25, 2013

Play houses

Last thursday, we had a Day of Service, at my work place. As part of this we had to build play houses for kids of military personnel. A total of 9 houses were built and donated to military children.

It was a day long event. The organization which helped us build these play houses had pre-cut the big wooden frames. So we had to paint the whole thing, attach the windows doors and frames, paint art work on the houses with the theme requested by the child who would be the future owner of the house.

The day started out cloudy. But by the time the second session came around, which is when I was volunteering, the sun was out and the spirits were high :)

The theme for our house was Dinosaurs, Bugs and Spiders. Our small team of 5 was incharge of painting both the side panels of the house. The others on my team were excited to drill holes and screws to put up frames and windows. But they were a little hesitant when it came to putting up art work on the walls. So I decided to brave it and try my hand at large scale drawing and then painting. My first time ever doing such large drawings!  We looked up pictures on the internet and soon there I was duplicating them on the walls of the house. I thought I did a decent job.

Here is how the house finally came together.
The front:

One of the sides: All drawings by yours truly :)

Back of the house

Finally the other side of the house - again all drawings by yours truly. 

Here are glimpses of some art work on other play houses.

There had to be a mickey mouse themed house :)

Coming back to our play house: I personally liked this spider a lot :) I think this cheerful little fellow added a happy touch to the house.

Also the huge butterfly turned out colorful :)

In all, it was a day of many firsts: First time volunteering at my this (relatively new) work place. First time building a play house. First time working with my team in a non work related scene And first time painting at this big scale and on wood. :) This definitely was my art / creativity fix for the week.

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