Friday, September 6, 2013

Terracotta with sculpey

Started working on terracotta jewelry...

It's such an amazing form if art!! And such beautiful jewelry...
Over last couple weeks I was searching for a nice terracotta set.. And over the course, I learnt that it's actually a hobby for some.. The more I saw such creations, the more I was impressed and eager to try my own.

As usual I brought it up with my beloved sis and she was equally excited about it and totally encouraged me... Infact right now she is trying to get into a terracotta class herself :)

Within no time I was at michales and I picked up some white sculpey, Martha stewart gold paint and I was all set to start making clay jewelry...

With D around.. I'll be happy if I get 20 minutes each day for myself :)
So day 1 just went in playing with the clay...
Day 2 I made some rough shapes and make some stamps of design on it... And baked and hardened the clay ... Like so... Did I mention it was white colored sculpey?

Day 3 I finally got around to painting the pieces... Mr. S offered to paint one himself and I was glad to let him help... He was not bad at all when he started off but he soon got carried away and ended up with this exquisite piece :D

I had to try out the gold I bought.. This is how it turned out... Not as great as my imagination... But I'll take it for a start... 
Sculpey iii needs min 2 coats of paint and doesn't take on paint all that easily... Should try super sculpey and original sculpey next... 
 I could have made this into a pendant if I had stuck an eyepib in it before baking... Alas!!


  1. Hi,
    i Jus love ur too started making terracotta jewellery at home.Can u tell me what colour clay did u by?

  2. Hello Shobana,

    Thank you!
    I initially bought white colored sculpey III - like you can see in this post.
    But I switched to black sculpey III - like you can see in my more recent posts.
    I liked black better than white - it somehow looks more indian/ ethnic :)

    Good luck with your jewellery!

  3. Hi,
    First of all, thanks for the post. I am a house wife from Houston US.I have just started with infant steps in terracotta jewellery making. Please suggest me as what is the wire that I should ask for which runs though the beads and the pendants?

    1. Hi Divya,
      I do not really use a wire per say, I use the ready made headpins and eyepins (search for these words to see how they look) that are available online (@ebay) or in craft stores such as michaels or joanns. Hope this helps. :)