Thursday, September 12, 2013


While browsing for Terracotta jewelry online these were some eye catching pieces that I came across.
When I fall short of ideas - a place where I can look for inspiration.
Wish I could acknowledge the source for these pieces. The source is varied and I happened upon these by an image search on google.

This one below has a unique shape - not your regular circle. And the colors are also picked well. Off centered design - makes it modern in appeal.

These stood out mainly for the intricate work in the pendants. The design itself is not very complicated, it is a very smart use of paint - the white dots especially.

A piece which is modern in the appeal again. Blue and pink are such young non traditional color combination. Pairing these with gold is something that I would not have thought of.

Purple and blue is a bold combination yet again. Gold is used sparingly - just enough to give it the shimmer.
Nice piece - young color combination.

Peacocks seem to be rather popular among terracotta jewelers.
This is a beautiful specimen - if even I end up making a peacock, I will surely draw my inspiration from this one.

This piece stood out mainly because of the shape. Easy to cut out - starting from a big circle. Simplistic design and muted colors are also a plus - especially when you want the jewelry to be quieter than your dress.

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