Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lumiere metallic paint on terrcotta

Completed this pendant just yesterday - So this one is fresh out of the oven! Literally  :)
Dissatisfied with the lack of shine on the regular acrylic paint - I decided to invest in some metallic acrylic colors - Jacquard Lumiere was a good option - Had it shipped to me over the weekend. It was time to paint away!

Here is a pre-baked picture of the pendant and...

And... the picture of the final finished piece... Can do better with painting - staying within lines. But in general I am happy with the way this turned out. The color combination and the shine. S even said this makes the other prior pieces look a little dull and amateur. Sister dear said "Nailed it with this one" :)

Family and their support! Love you all :)

Excited excited. Hopefully I should figure out the cord and the stringing or beads by this weekend, so I can flaunt it off at the baby shower for a friend.

Finally I finished up this set into wearable jewelry. My first finished terracotta set!! :)
This is how it looks.

The black cord somehow made it look incomplete. So I painted the cord with the same gold paint I used on the beads.
I love love it!!

Have a traditional indian baby shower for a friend coming up this weekend - eager to wear this jewelry with my green saree! 
Yay yay good times!

Finally I managed to get a picture of this set with the saree I wore over the weekend. 
Here it is - the necklace with the earring on my temple border green saree and also seen partially is S in his brown kurta :)

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