Monday, September 30, 2013

Diwali Ahead!

Diwali Ahead!

Sunday Nov 3 is Diwali this time. Amma will be back in India by then but it will be the first time that we will be celebrating Diwali with D!

Have been stumbling upon some lovely ideas to decorate the home for Diwali.
Here are some pictures.

Paste washi tape on tea lights and they are good for display.

Block printed paper lamp shades. The lamps are simple. Just place a tea light in a wine glass.

Definitely float some flowers and tea lights in a shallow bowl like so...

Images courtesy allthingsbeautiful

Also make a beautiful Rangoli with Kundan on hand - decorate it with tealights and flower petals.
Thanks Patricia for the image!

And here are some pictures from diwali at home in 2008 - totally beautiful... With Amma Autnty and M..

Lets see how Diwali turns out this year!

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