Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sneak peek - lamp shade

Earlier I found a good idea at the blog all things beautiful. Block printed paper lamp shade for a wine glass lamp.
Drop a tea light in you wine glass (the lamp) and make a lamp shade using block paper.

I was not able to find block printed paper in the usual 2-3 places that I shop - so I settled for these scrap book loose papers that found at Michael's.

I like how earthy the color combination looks. The plan is to have the lamp shade done in the solids and each shade will have a damask border. Here's hoping this turns out well.

This is how allthingsbeautiful's lamp shade looks:

And then I looked up online for a lamp shade template and I found some really pretty completed lamp shade projects. Looks like this lamp is pretty popular for parties such as wedding and birthdays. Here are some pictures of projects that I thought were really pretty.


Cant wait for Diwali! :)

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