Monday, October 14, 2013

Lamp shades for Diwali.

Completed the wine glass lamp shade today. Made 4 of them.
Few days ago you all had a sneak peek here.

These are so simple and satisfying! I like such projects - they are quick and they look good - satisfaction of having completed something. In between some involved projects its good to have some of these.

So I looked up online for the template and I found lots and lots. Scalloped edges, straight edges and various holiday themed printables. All you need to do is search and pick what you like. One such template can be found here.

I traced out the shape on my card stock and cut them out (seen below in purple and green). I wanted to add a trim with the damask paper and so I used the same template but made it much much shorter and cut it out. You can see the damask trims in the picture too.

These are the 4 colors I had picked. I glued the damask trim onto each of them.

I had some glitter glue on hand. I ran the glue tube on the top edge of the shade. I used Gold colored glitter.

Another look at the glitter glue edge.

Then I applied glue on one of the inside edges of the shade and attached it to the other edge giving it the conical shape.

I went ahead to add some faux kundan - which is very similar to rhine stones - in Indian markets they sell them as Kundan. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

I have wine glasses with a gold shaded stem, which works well with these shades.
I am debating between real tea lights and led ones. May be I will end up dropping led tea lights in the glasses, lets see.
Plan is - on Diwali evening - to have a 2 of these lamps on the dinner table and 2 more around the home. Or if its not too crowded, all 4 on the dinner table.

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