Monday, November 18, 2013


I found this nice looking lantern at world market last week- At $15, I thought this was a good deal.

Originally it was antique silver sort or a finish - (Oh! how I regret not having the picture of the original lantern!) It was nice, but not quite there. So I decided to spray paint it gold. I used design master gold spary paint. I think it turned out good :)

Now I have to find a nice place to hang it. In S's words, I have to find something that needs to go out to make space for this lantern. (I play along sometimes, in the spirit of not accumulating too much clutter :P Sometimes!)
I also need a nice chain to hang it by. While I find the spot and the hardware to hang, it waits for me in this beautiful golden glow :)

Update: Found this lantern chain at It was long enough for my need. Best part, it was available for free shipping and it was just $3. :D Score! Won't you say?

I wasted no time to spray paint it gold. I think I am obsessed with Gold colored spray paint. I wait to use it on something, anything!

Now my gold lantern hangs by a gold colored chain in our living room :)

Oh and BTW, this entire project cost me under $20. $15 for the lantern itself, $3 for the chain and gold paint $5 for the entire can... which I have used on multiple projects. Fun Frugal and Fast. :)

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