Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Key holder

I found this very lovely handmade paper at Paper Source. I am gravitating towards the peacock feather kind of print of late.

There was another option in the same print in orange - but I ended up picking this blue.

I have been wanting to make a key holder / hanger. A small way to decorate the entryway.
Of course with pinterest filled with inspirations, it was not too long before I started my own key holder.
I liked this one the best of all tutorials out there.

Quick summary of what I did: Take wooden plaques, spray paint them with your favorite color and mod podge your favorite paper on to the plaque and screw in some hooks and hang you key holder on the wall.

Like you can see here - I am not a great spray painter! the paint is not even and the surface is definitely not smooth. (But it is one good use of those many diaper boxes that we end up with, dont you think?)
I am yet to figure out how to paint and finish it better. But once I spayed another coat of paint on top, it was not as bad.

Big big fan of the design master brilliant gold spray paint! you have seen it already in my lantern project.

Once the paint it dry cut out the paper to the fit the plaque and modpodge it.

I chose these regular hooks to screw into the plaque. But, of course, they had to spray painted Gold - see the obsession?! :P

Once the hooks are gold and dry apply a layer or 2 of sealant for good measure and then hang the key holder. I used velcro to hang mine.

Here is a close up.

Simple DIY - may be this can be done as a weekend project. But with baby standard time, it takes you anywhere between a week to a fortnight. Nevertheless loved doing this! :)

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