Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pen holder

This past week things have been very slow at work - thanks to thanksgiving... That means things are picking up speed in my DIY area. :)

Dear Mr. D decided to explore our pen stand and when he was done, it broke into 2 halves. It was a nice terracotta pen holder with warli art on it. Alas!. On the bright side, it gives me another reason bring out my craft / art supplies :) DIY!

I found this tin pail at Michael's - could have used this as is... But, Im sure my warli painted terracotta pen holder would have felt bad :P

Out comes the spray paint - this time color block!

Ivory on top and Blue at the bottom.


I could have stopped right here! But, I have been seeing the use of dimensional paint / puffy paint all over pinterest and I had to try it out. This was my chance.

Tried out this henna design - trying to keep up with the (sort of) damask pattern on the top half.

Now we have a new pen holder, one that will not break when D explores :)

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