Monday, November 4, 2013

Diwali 2013

This year we celebrated D's first Diwali. Im sure for him, it was just about meeting a lot of people that he likes, all in one day and eating new tasty food for the first time. As for us, we had a lot of fun introducing him to fireworks, lights and our tradition :)

I knew it would be a good Diwali with D around, but it surprised me how much, the addition of one tiny person to the family, can recharge the festival spirit and make it a bit more meaningful. Even S said, introducing D to Diwali made him relive so many fond diwali memories from his childhood :) There are so many dimensions added to one's life after one becomes a parent!

Here is an assimilation of all the decorations that we had at our home for this diwali.

More pictures coming as and when I get some more time to collect pictures and upload.

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