Monday, August 19, 2013

P is for...

Pinterest! Such an inspiring website! I have gotten so many DIYs completed after I joined pinterest. 
So many ideas in one place and more importantly its a great resource for where I can find the materials to do what I am doing. And also a resource for instructions on how to do what I am hoping to do.
Aaah! too many doing done do - anyways bottom line - pinterest helps me do beautiful things :)

So I have been fascinated by wooden letters for sometime now. Especially the ones you can transform into wall art. Ever since D was born I have been wanting to this. I had even decided on a place to hang the letter D. Right next to the beautiful 2 feet by 3 feet black and white laminated picture of our darling (another pinterest inspiration!)

While the letter D is still work in progress - I have partially completed P - the initial of my cute little niece. 
I mixed up orange and pink with white and got a lovely shade of peach. Painted the whole letter and stuck flowers that I punched out on paint chips and free polka dot printables that I found online. This is what it looks like now :)

I did manage to complete the P- it now has buttons to finish the look :)

And a close up of the flowers.

Now its just waiting to go to its new home - by my niece's white crib.

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