Friday, May 30, 2014

Birthday gift for P made by k!

Last few terracotta projects have been birthday gifts!

This time - close friend wanted to make jewelry for his wife's bday gift!
She is into terracotta jewelry and anything rustic ethnic indian... and so K wanted sit with me for some jewelry making sessions!

After S he is the first boy I have made jewelry with and he surprisingly "gets it!" :) The boys do get it! Now S has appointed himself as my design critic! And he does not hesitate one bit, to tell me when the design is not up to the mark!

K managed to free up 2 evenings and we sat and baked up couple pendants  :)
Here is how they look...

This green one is totally K's design and he came up with it just like that after a 15 minutes of playing with the clay! Everyone has hidden talents! Such a pleasure when you uncover them!

And the second pendant is a sun inspired pendant... Liked the blue and gold in combination (as usual)

I am waiting to see his wife's reaction when he tells her that these are handmade by him!

Another closer lok at the pendants :)

Happy bday P! you have a very thoughtful loving and a creative hubby! :)

Added these jhumkas to match with the green pendant.. :)

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  1. What paints have you used? How do you make the jhumkis? Do you have a mold? They look so pretty.