Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY bin

I KRP, hereby proclaim my love and obsession with Moroccan patterns and designs.

I picked up this lovely wrapping paper in home depot a few days ago and finally my project, to up cycle a diaper box to a toys bin, saw the light of day :)

Pinned the instructions to make this, roughly a year ago and now I finally came around to making it.

Here are the instructions if you are interested.

This blogger has used spray glue and fabric. I replace them with mod podge and thick wrapping paper.

The insides are not greatly attractive. So far they are covered up by the contents and do not look bad.
But the truth is that I haven't gotten around to modpodging the insides with a simple white paper to complete the project. :)

When I do finish this I will make sure, at least, I update this blog on time :)
Oh the wonderful timings of the toddler time zone!

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