Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy bday Jates.

April is so full of birthdays for us!!

This time my oldest closest friend was with us to celebrate her birthday!

I have know Jates for more than half of my life! She is just one of those people who I never lose touch with. We would not have spoken for months at a stretch - owing to time zone differences and other life's events. But still when we catch up, it is like nothing has changed! She is just the same her and I am just the same me.
You know how you are always in touch with some people! :)
Wow I can be pretty bad at expressing certain emotions eh? ;)

We managed to put together a small party for her. Being a weekday, things barely came together, but you know there is definitely some charm to ad hoc unplanned celebrations.

Since she was with us for a week - I decided that we would hand make her gift and have her customize it the way she wants. And what's better than custom terracotta jewelry!!

Here we are sitting up late into the night, baking, molding, painting and clicking pictures. :)

All supplies spread out.

We ended up creating this pendant for her. It is a double colored pendant with blue on the flip side.

We also made couple studs for her. All in the aroma of a Moroccan spice candle! Girls night out :)

Happy bday JT! Love you!

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