Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cake stand

India trip this time was pretty exhausting. But then, which India trip is not?
Having just gotten back from India, 2 weeks ago, the thought of putting things together for a birthday party, without much help from S (who is still not very mobile) was sort of far from exciting.

I was dragging myself. But then I saw this super cute DIY on pinterest.

I loved how cute it looked and how simple it was to make. And then just like that I got the spring back in my step. Or may be I just got out of the jetlag, refreshed and ready to be excited about D's second second Birthday party. (Its not a typo - D has 2 birthday parties this year!! - one in India and one here :) )

I did not need a cup cake stand I just need a stand for our round train cake. So I just ended up making one tier.

Supplies needed:

Cake circles
Soup / beans cans
Scrap book paper or any nice wrapping paper
Ribbon - 1.5 inch wide
ric rac
hot glue
mod podge

First glue 2 cake circles together with hot glue - just to make the base sturdier.

Next trace the circle shape on the decorative paper of your choice (I used wrapping paper) and Mod podge it to the top of the cake circle

Then go around with the glue gun to attach the ribbon - Have I told you that D's party is mainly yellow and white :) In the mean while I used mod podge to wrap the same paper to beans cans that I had on hand.

Next attach the ric rac - that zig zag lace like ribbon - to the top edge of the yellow ribbon.

There you have it... A cake stand!
I hope I remember to click and post here, a picture of this stand with the cake on top, after the party :)

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