Thursday, January 9, 2014

Small jhumkis - 2

After we made and wore the first set of small jhumki's we were very excited to say the least!
Lil Sister and me sat down the very next evening late into the night thinking up and trying new designs and patterns and color combinations.
Eventually the long long day we had started showing and our creativity decided to go to bed!
But we ourselves just refused to go to bed! Considering we had very very little time left before she would return back to India, we decided to make whatever that could end up pretty looking :)

We made a lot more small jhumkis. This time we got out of the comfort zone of blue/green/gold and used various colors.

I liked the cranberry color so much. Especially that its not metallic. I was skeptical to start with, but after a couple coats it was beautiful :)

So we used a lot more cranberry and of course there had to be gold!

One more experiment we did this time around, is to attach earring posts instead of french wire danglings.

More jhumkis with pretty much the same molds.

This stud below is M's experiment. They turned out cute! We were thinking of painting cranberry where ever it is black now. But that's still not decided - what would you say?

Here is the entire collection we made that evening.

Our favorite display case :)

Here's my verdict:
One of the best things in life is a night out with your sister making colorful jewelry :)

Love you M!


  1. Hi, Can I know how you bake the jewelry... I mean temperature and time pl... Thanks...

    1. Hi KrishnaLatha,
      I bake my polymer clay (Sculpey) at 275 F for about 10 minutes (time depends on the thickness of the jewelry).
      This time/temp could vary based on the clay you are using. Its best to consult the baking instructions that come with the clay.

  2. Hi. Chanced upon ur blog via Pinterest (but ofcourse) :)) I was hooked, so sat and read all ur posts. Love ur jewelry, all of them and then the key holder. Totally inspired to try my hand at terracota jwelery making. Did u take classes before u started it or is it purely ur talent showing through? Looking forward to more posts :)

    1. Thanks Archana for you comment :) (and Yay for pinterest!)
      I haven't taken any classes. With a lot of browsing around, I was able to find some posts and articles that helped me pick up this art :)
      I would totally encourage you to try jewelry making - it is so much fun :)

    2. Hi , your jhumukas are looks very good. I bought miniture bowl for making jhumukas. i am feeling difficult to take it of from that mold.Should we have to apply something ?Please give me suggestion.
      THan you

    3. Hi,

      yeah it is tricky to remove the clay from the molds - I generally spend a little time reshaping it after I removing the clay from the molds.
      One other tip that I picked up was to freeze the mold with the clay for a few minutes. The shape may not get distorted when you remove, since the clay is hardened. I havent tried this myself - but you could give it a shot.
      Let me know how it goes :)