Monday, February 10, 2014

Yellow green jhumkis

I am now reading this book called - I am a stranger here myself. Written by Bill Bryson, it is a pretty funny book.
The author has moved back to the United States after about 2 decades in the UK. He wrote these as small funny anecdotes about day to day things in a UK newspaper. This book is the collection of all those articles.
Each article is like a short story, just the right quantity for me - to read a couple of them at night before bed time. A few giggles before I retire for the day :)

Now that the book review is out of the way, I now present to you my latest Jhumki.
Got a chance with terracotta jewelry making after a month almost! Life has a way of getting so busy.

Bought a new mustard color - craftsmart.

I think the color itself is nice, but the finish is not as smooth as the metallic colors.

Will try a glaze finish on top to see if it shines better.

Anyyways... here is me selfie - trying out the latest Jhumki.

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