Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue pendant

We had a holiday shutdown for 2 weeks at work, D's was off day care for these 2 weeks and the best part, Ma and dear sis M were here! Oh! such a lovely time we had!

Among other things, I got a chance to bring up my terracotta jewelry making supplies out and I got to make jewelry with my favorite craft buddies this time!

This is blue pendant is for my lil sis M. It is not yet finished into a necklace, but here is how the pendant looks.

We fell in love with the blue - green and gold combination, so much so that, it was hard for us to think of any other colors to paint our future jewelry! 


  1. Hi, I have been a silent follower of your blog and trying to start terracotta jewellery on my own. I have some queries and it would be great if you could help me.
    Planning to start my jewellery with air dry clay.
    You have added small beads at the bottom of this pendant. Did you just attach these small beads when the clay is dry, or did you use any glue to attach, or did you use any metallic hooks to attach small beads into the main pendant. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lavi,
      Unfortunately I do not have any idea about air dry clay.. I use sculpey polymer clay.
      To attach the beads, when the clay is still unbaked i use a small metallic piece to pierce the bead and I pierce the other end of the metal to the pendant. Once baked this should be a strong bond. However, in the past I see that this metal piece can slide out easily. So after baking, i force the metal out and use super glue to glue the metal piece into the hole created earlier on either end. Hope this helps.