Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tiny gift boxes

Sankranti is an indian festival celebarted on Jan 14 every year.
This marks the day the sun's transition into Capricorn. Specifically in kannada tradition, this is the day fresh vegetables are harvested for the season. On this day - people exchange sweets, fresh harvest samples and other goodies.

Since this is the first sankranti since D was born (sort of), Ma wanted this to be more special.
So apart from the regular goodies, five families of relatives/ friends will get a small idol of lord Krishna.

To pack that miniature idol we decided to make special boxes. Using rhine stones and ribbons, we tried to upgrade small plastic boxes.

Here is how we worked and finished the boxes.

Lil sis working on the rhine stones...

Our work bench.

All 5 boxes and their designs.

This is the idol we packed inside with tissue.

Irrespective of how the boxes turned out, all 3 of us had a great time sitting together and making these boxes.
I think this is one among the top best times that we have all spent together. Glad to have been able to do this!

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