Monday, September 21, 2015


This post has been lying around in my drafts bin for a while and today is the day it is going to see the light!

Warli art has been around for many many years. But lately I feel like its gained a lot of popularity. It is everywhere! Its on the walls of a civic building, on sarees, on dresses, on shoes - everywhere!

Obviously it is very eye catching and easy to draw too. I ended up buying may be a couple Warli adorned products and then I decided to make my own Warli.

These stick figures are so simple to draw!

For S's bday this year we went to pottery classes. It was super fun - getting hands all muddy with river bed clay. Throwing the mud on a potters wheel (This one was electric wheel) and pinching squeezing and pushing around the clay to give it many shapes was a great experience. 
Our teacher for the day was so passionate about the art and taught us well. May be that made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

By around the same time I had also drawn a couple warli inspired drawings in my book and then I decided to paint it on to the pots that we brought home. :)

So here they are completely hand made - hand decorated, warli adorned earthen pots!

Happy birthday S! Cute looking pots to remember your 2015 bday - won't you say?! :)

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