Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Starting to feel like home again...

Its been a break for me from the blogging world. Not just blogging but all things art and craft too.
We recently moved homes - moved back to our home country and has it been a long long journey. Why we moved back is a story I will save for another day. December last year we took the flight to India and now we hope to stay here for good.

Its been a mix of good and challenging experiences so far. Good thing is that the apartment community we moved into is self sufficient and has a lot of open space with plenty of play areas for D. And the home is starting to look like a place where we like to come back home to :)

Biggest challenge so far has been that the traffic is a very real problem! We still have to learn how to get things done in spite of traffic.

Back to our home shaping up :)
The gallery wall we had in our old apartment is now split across 2 walls - but all photos could be accommodated! Yay!

There are still some boxes waiting to be unpacked!

Most of the decor we had back there have found their place here - but some had to be retired! :( And some new ones have found their way in.

This Torana bordering the main entrance is a latest DIY and details on it will follow in the next post.

I am happy about curtains - this home needs a whole lot of curtains. There are quite a few windows and doors to patios which came with zero window treatments. I have been busy looking up places for nice curtains. Its a challenge that most of the fabrics here are mostly floral and feminine - I miss the nice geometric prints available back in the states. But I have been able to find some really beautiful cottons - Thanks Fab India!

D's play room is all set and he is liking it. It is the brightest room in the house and I am thinking of yellow curtains for this room - will update the pictures as I go.

So this is home for now. Oh! and I found this funny sign on pinterest saying "Home is where your wifi connects automatically" - I think this will be my next DIY. May be I will paint in on canvas and hang it on the bare wall next to the tele. Lets see..
Did I mention how glad I am, to be back crafting and blogging again :)

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